Gelisp: A wrapper for Gecode to Common Lisp and OpenMusic.

Originally developed by: Camilo Rueda (2006)

Currently maintained by: Mauricio Toro-Bermudez (2008)

Ircam , Pontificia Universidad Javeriana - Cali , and AVISPA .

Gelisp is a portable and efficient wrapper for the
Generic Constraints Development Environment ( GECODE ) library to Common Lisp.
It provides a high-level interface and a low-level interface.
Additionally, it provides an interface to the music composition environment OpenMusic .
This allows the user to define constraint problems for music applications in a simple way,
but as powerfull as a C++ Gecode Application.

Download Sources, Binaries, and Documentation.


Solving the Musical CSP All Interval Series.

Solving the N-queens problem

Solving a CSP proposed by Compositor Michael Jarrell